We’re a lazy bunch at Lazy Bandido. We’ve laid in a lot of hammocks and we’ve sold a lot too. And we’ve learned that whether you’re talking about the best hammock for the backyard, the patio, or for replacing your bed, the top hammock in any list is always a large one. Here are 4 reasons why:

A Large Hammock is Easy to Share.

Got friends? Got some drinks? Got a grill? Perfect. Throw a BBQ and when everyone’s had their fill grab a brew and jump in a hammock. Large hammocks – often referred to as “double hammocks” – will often times fit 2 or 3 adults if you sit or lie sideways. What better way to relax at a party!

And the Top Hammock in the Comfort Category…

…is a large one. Even if you don’t feel like sharing, the extra space will give you room to spread out. You can move around until you’re completely comfortable – in a large enough model you can even lie sideways!

Built for the Long Haul:

Bigger hammocks are built to handle more weight. That means more durability and a longer life. With a little bit of care a quality hammock can last over a decade!

Make a Big Statement:

Hammocks don’t to look like a boring white fishnet. The best woven hammocks (those from Mexico and Nicaragua) also happen to be the most colorful. So choose a colorful hammock. Make a statement. And make a big one!