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We believe a hammock should be comfortable and beautiful. Hammocks are used for naps. Naps are about relaxation. Relaxation is about escape. And escape is about adventure. Our hammocks are about that adventure. Beautiful, living pieces of art hand-woven by a culture that’s been perfecting them for over 500 years. And the styles reflect that culture; the chaos, the danger, the rebellious nature, the spiritual vibe, the revolutionary spirit. – See more at:

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Stop wondering. You have arrived! Easily the best place to buy hammocks online, Lazy Bandido is your guide in the Lazy Revolution. We believe that hard work is the enemy and hammocks are the weapon of choice. Lazy Bandido sells the highest quality woven cotton hammocks with the boldest designs online. They’re perfect for use as indoor, backyard, patio, living room or bedroom hammocks. But if they’re not for you we forgive you. We’ll tell you where to buy a hammock for camping, all-weather use, or even for your pet ferret. – See more at:

Best Patio Hammocks

As with outdoor models, patio hammocks should be comfortable to lie in. But since they’ll generally be more protected from the elements you won’t need to worry as much about whether to sacrifice some of that comfort for an all-weather model. As an extension of your house, your patio should flow with the design and color patterns present in your home. The bold designs and varied colors of the Lazy Bandido line make any of them a candidate for the best patio hammock. Search through the different styles and choose the best hammock for you. – See more at: