How to Clean a Hammock

Your hammock can be washed simply using a gentle cycle, light detergent, and cool water. Keep in mind that your hammock should never be placed in a machine dryer nor washed in warm water.

  1. Tie both hammock eyes together using string or rope. This prevents excess tangling during washing process.
  2. Place hammock in a mesh wash bag to avoid tangling and damage to hammock.
  3. Use light detergent and place on a cool, gentle wash cycle.
  4. Once washed, hang hammock by both eye loops to dry. DO NOT hang hammock by woven bed portion as it can cause awkward stretching.
  5. Hammock may temporarily shrink slightly after washing but will return to its original size upon use.


Our hammocks are great for use indoors, outdoors, or on the patio. They are made from 100% nylon which makes them more weather resistant than cotton or other natural fibers. We still recommend taking them indoors on stormy or rainy nights however, to prevent exposure to excessive moisture and wind. With proper care your hammock should last several years to a lifetime.