What Makes a Hammock Store Great?

There are several websites out there selling all kinds of hammocks. From cheap budget dorm room hammocks, to poolside all-weather American models, to luxurious Nicaraguan designs to large Mexican hammocks that can fit a family. With so many options, how do you choose the best company to buy a hammock from? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Why do you want a hammock?

Before you start asking questions about any hammock site, you need to ask yourself this one question. No hammock is great for any and all uses, despite what the seller will claim. If you’re looking for a hammock for camping then buy a hammock specifically made for camping, something lightweight, weather resistant, and a solid fabric that won’t snag or tangle on branches. Want to use the hammock indoors? Find the most comfortable model. Open weaves work best and Nicaraguan and Mexican hammocks are among the most comfortable. And focus on style as well; it’ll be in your home, it should match or compliment the décor.

Where is it made?

The top hammock weavers in the world are in Mexico and Nicaragua, where artisans have been perfecting their craft for centuries. American hammocks are popular here but they often lack the comfort or style that other countries produce. Do the hammocks benefit their local communities where they’re produced? How long have the artisans their been weaving?


Hammocks are fun. A hammock store should be fun too. If a website is attractive, fun, and shows a splash of personality that’s a good sign of laid back personable management, which often translates into great customer service down the line.

The top hammock store is the one that most fits your needs. Do they sell hammocks made for the purpose you need? Do they place emphasis on quality and weaving experience? And are they fun? Focus on these three things and you’ll walk away a happy customer.