How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

This is the simple technique you’ll use to hang your hammock to an indoor wall using a carabiner, lag screw (eye screw) and rope included in your Wall Hanging Kit. For proper hanging space and height requirements refer to our how to hang a hammock diagram.

  1. Locate a stud in your wall. Mark a point roughly 7 ft off the ground confirming that hammock will hang as indicated in hanging diagram.
  2. Drill a ¼” pilot hole 3” deep into center of stud.
  3. Screw eye screw into pilot hole until only the “eye” remains visible.
  4. After measuring the amount of rope needed to reach the wall, fold the excess amount back over and tie a figure 8 knot as shown in the picture below.
  5. Simply insert the resulting loop into the carabiner and clip onto the lag screw.
  6. Hang your hammock. Quit your job. Enjoy!

Note: For added strength, and to protect the rope you can first feed the rope loop through the center of the carabiner and then pull loop over and back down (using the same technique you’d use to join two rubber bands).