How to Hang a Hammock

How To Hang a Hammock

This page shows the proper heights and distances used in hanging a hammock. We also have separate pages that teach the following:

Whether you hang your hammock in your living room or from your neighbors apple tree the proper heights and hanging distances remain the same. The diagram below shows the ideal measurements. If your hanging points are further apart, simply secure your hammock hanging points higher. Also, both hammock hanging points don’t need to be identical; it’s ok to hang one end from a wall and the other from a post, etc.

Position your hammock eyes:

A) 12 feet apart

B) 6.5  feet off the ground

Position low point in middle of hammock at waist height or about:

C) 3ft off the ground

Position your hammock hanging points at least (more is fine):

D) 12 feet apart

E) 6.5 feet off the ground