Campesino Double Hammock (Test)


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Our Campesino hammock is inspired by the life loving peasants of Latin America. These men and women spend 12 hours breaking their backs in the field each day to hop into a crowded and sweltering hot chicken bus to ride home and pet their dog at the front door, grab a tequila and drink dance the night away. And when it’s time to rest: they’d better have a damn comfortable hammock waiting for them.

A few reasons why El Campesino is the best hammock for the job:

  • Relaxing Colors: Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Off White
  • Room for Two: Stretching to 7.5’ wide and supporting 800 lbs. there’s plenty of room for a spouse, dog and sprawled out limbs
  • Cover Up on a Cool Night with our blanket-like crocheted fringes
  • Immodestly Comfortable: Hand-woven nylon stretches and cradles you into a land of dreams and loud snoring

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  • Perfect for use as: an indoor hammock, as a permanent hammock bed, on the patio, or as a backyard hammock.
  • Wide enough for two adults. Strong enough to support four. (holds 800 lbs.)
  • Easy to get in and out of without tipping. Wooden spreader bars make most hammocks “tippy.” We don’t use them. Neither do the Mayans who weave them. Problem solved!
  • 100 % Nylon construction for extreme durability and reasonable weather resistance
  • Hand-woven by Mayan artisans in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  • Double-spring weave allows the hammock to stretch, conform and support your individual weight and shape
  • 3 WAYS TO LAY:
  1. Lying straight puts your back in a “reclined” position with arms supported at your sides. Perfect for reading a book or enjoying the view.
  2. Lying diagonally puts you in a flatter position with head raised slightly. Easily adjust to find most comfortable angle (flatter or more upright). Recommended for sleeping.
  3. Lying or sitting sideways is fun and great for gently “swinging” back and forth. This is the best method for lying with multiple people.
  • Requires 12 ft. minimum hanging space. More is fine.
  • 6 ft. 7 in. “bed” length
  • 13 ft. total “eye to eye” length
  • 7 ft. 6 in. bed width
  • Weighs approx. 8.8 lbs.
  • 12” x 11” x 8” when folded
  • Ships in a 14” x 12” x 8” box
  • (Which costs you nothing by the way)
  • Free shipping.
  • Free returns.
  • 100% one year guarantee. No questions asked.
  • Exchanges also available for one year with no shipping cost either way.

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