Why the Best Hammock is a Double Hammock

The following wise manifesto will show why the best hammock is a double hammock. But first, we must clarify.

Hammocks are generally fairly similar in length as they’re made to accommodate a 6’ person. What varies between large and small is the width. And with more width comes options.

In a traditional size hammock the only option is to lie straight and do as your told. This is great for achieving the banana-like position, and having your arms cocooned at your sides (it’s actually the perfect way to read a book). But if you want to take a long nap you’ll want something more comfortable.

A larger (wider) hammock gives you room to lay at an angle. This allows your neck and head to lie flatter and more closely resemble your bed. You can also finally stretch out your arms, legs and back as well. How flat you want to lay depends on how diagonally you position yourself and where your back is compared to the center point of the hammock. Not feeling perfectly comfortable? Simply adjust.

The best hammock you can buy is a really large, double hammock. This not only gives you room to lie at an angle, but you can even stretch out completely sideways. Why? To swing! Seriously, who cares if your 47 and adults are looking? You’re in a hammock. Relax!