A Damn Good Hammock Shop With a Mission

When you were 9, did you dream of ergonomic desk chairs and 7am conference calls under fluorescent lighting? Did you lie awake at night in your pajamas dreaming of matching 401k with full dental?

What the hell happened?

Responsibility. Expenses. Money. Meetings. Work. Dennis from HR...

They all suck. And we'd like to defeat them. How? With ammunition. Fake sick days. Mowing the lawn next week. And the best hammocks this side of the Rio Grande.

Buy a Hammock. Change Your Life.

In a country that values hard work, sacrifice, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians above all else, a hammock is more than just a nice piece of decor. It's a weapon in the fight against hard work. You can take a nap in a bed. But when you sleep in a hammock you embark on a journey. Studies have shown you enjoy deeper, longer sleep, boost your immune system, and can heal back problems all by lying in a hammock.

So remember when you're mother told you'd never get anywhere in life sitting on your ass? She was right. You need to lay on it.

Why Buy a Hammock From Us?

There a plenty of reasonably good hammocks online. What makes us different? A few things:


We only sell large double hammocks. Why? So you can share a nap with a friend or stretch out fully on your own. Either way, a bigger hammock gives you more room to move, and much more comfort while you nap the day away.


What the hell is going on with lime green and pink pastel hammocks? If you wanna get punched by a fat kid, buy one of those. Want to make a statement. Stand for something. Be bold. Buy a hammock inspired by a bank robber or a martyred revolutionary. (Hint: That's what inspired our hammocks, read here)


You gave up the rest of your childhood dreams for a soulless 9-5. Don't give up your blankie! Our authentic hand-woven Mayan hammocks feature a beautiful crocheted fringe that not only makes your hammock look better than the neighbors hammock, it doubles as a handy blanket on a cool evening.

Authenticity = Comfort

Our hammocks are hand-woven by Mayan artisans on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Know how long they've been honing their craft? Since before Columbus arrived. A hammock weave tends to get pretty damn comfortable when you've been practicing for 500 years. With their unique double spring weave, your hammock will stretch and conform to your unique shape and weight. And you'll swear you're napping on a cloud...

Annoyingly Good Service.

Free shipping. Free returns. And 100% one year guarantee on any purchase. We make the world's best hammock. And we back it up. Check out some reviews below, then pick your favorite style and change your life: with one ridiculously comfortable nap after another.

Stand Up For Lying Down! Buy a Hammock Now!

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