Lost? Confused? Concerned?

Most people will find their questions answered below. If you’re not one of them feel free to bother us at service@lazybandido.com

Yes. All hammocks carry a one year warranty from date of purchase. If you are not fully satisfied with your hammock for any reason go ahead and return your hammock for a 110% refund.
Shipping and Handling is $18 per hammock. Accessories (bolster pillows and hanging kits) ship free when ordered with a hammock or for $10 when ordered separately.
When we wake up from our nap. The average time is about 6 to 10 days from order placement until you’re calling in sick to stay home and nap. If the hammock is on back order or the delivery mule is sick and your order is delayed, we will notify you via email.
That depends—Are you the son of a wealthy Nigerian Prince? Actually, we don’t accept physical checks, but we DO accept Paypal which allows you to pay using your checking account—so unless you were planning on writing a bad check, it’s the same thing.
In general we do not accommodate custom orders. If you’re interested in a different size keep in mind that all our hammocks are couple’s size—which means they may be large enough for smaller couples but are very comfortable for one person. (This is by far the most popular size Nicaraguan hammock sold.) But if you’d like to make a special request anyways we’d be happy to reject you via email…or if you’re sweet enough, beg enough, and are willing to be flexible we might, just might be willing to consider. You can email these requests to service@lazybandido.com
Yes, the Bandido will never share your personal information with any third parties.
No. We only collect your email to notify you in case there is a back order or some other important event. If you’ve signed up for our mailing list and the Bandido is feeling lonely, he may send an email reminding you of the good times we’ve shared and kindly suggest we hang out again, but that’s it and only from us—we will never sell your information to any third party.
Yes. And when the dogsleds finally arrive with your package and you hang your hammock between a pair of sturdy igloos please send us a picture. We’ll post it on our Nap Boldly! page…and you may just win a prize.
Estimado Cliente: We consider international orders on a case by case basis. Customs forms suck, and so does the time it takes for the mail to arrive, then sit in customs, and then finally be cleared for delivery. So, if you live outside of the U.S. and are willing to be a patient, loving, and accommodating partner in this needy customer—compassionate Bandido relationship we’re willing to consider. Just be aware that extra shipping & handling will apply to reflect the additional shipping and customs fees
Yes. Unfortunately, due to a nagging conscience and poor negotiating skills we pay all our hammock weavers fair prices to provide you the highest quality hammocks with the best fabrics available. They love us and we love them back.
Are you doubting our judgment? Don’t! We strictly carry Nicaraguan hammocks because we only want to offer the best and the boldest hammocks available. The double spring weaving technique, soft cotton and elaborate fringes used to make the Nicaraguan hammocks make them the most comfortable, durable, and beautiful handmade hammocks in the world.
Ask your butler or maid to do it. If they’re on vacation however, don’t worry—with each hammock order you will receive detailed directions on how to hang your hammock and how to care for it. All you need is a minimum of 12 feet hanging space between sturdy walls, trees, or posts and you’re good to go!.