How to Choose the Best Patio Hammock

To the ambitious lazy man, there is no limit to the number of places one can hang a hammock and tune out from the world; between two trees, between laundry line poles, wooden posts, the living room, bedroom, from the overhead handles of an empty subway car to the sturdy horns of a pair of sleeping bulls. There’s no telling what a man will do when he wants to do nothing. But to the fortunate with the requisite space, the world’s best hammocks are begging for an invitation to the cool, breezy shade of your patio.

The best of both worlds, a well-placed patio hammock allows you to enjoy the chirping birds and gentle breezes while shielding you from the blinding sun or an inconvenient hailstorm. The protection from rain and excessive direct sunlight will also prolong the life of your hammock and prevent quick fading of the colors, though it’s still best to take it in each night. Also overhead beams or posts found on most patios provide an easy place to tie a hammock knot with ease.

Since you’ll be protected from the elements there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for all-weather durability. And, since it will be an extension of your house, style is especially important when buying a patio hammock. The best hammocks for patio use are comfortable, all natural cotton hammocks with colors that match your patio décor or your personal tastes.

Choose a Mayan or a Nicaraguan hammock, as their open cotton weaves offer the best comfort you can buy in a hammock. From there, let your eyes be your guide; search for your favorite style, and get ready to lay back and do nothing.